Sycamore Tree Seeds

Sycamore Tree Seeds

The distinctive appearance of sycamore tree seeds makes them easily identifiable. A “samara” or “helicopter seed” is a spherical, hairy ball that encases each seed so they may spin and twirl when they fall off the tree. Sycamore seeds are dispersed by wind further from the parent plant.

In this article, we will discuss different types as well as how to grow sycamore tree from seeds. Let’s begin our journey!

Sycamore Tree types:

American Sycamore Tree

The American Sycamore is a fast-growing shade tree with ornamental bark, suitable for zones 4 to 9. It grows up to 100 feet in height and 90 feet in spread. Its preferred growing conditions are full sun and rich, wet soil. Soak seeds in water, let them stratify for 90 days, and then plant them 1/4 inch deep to germinate. There are sixty premium seeds in this package, and they keep for a year.

California Sycamore Tree

California Sycamore tree is native to California and southern US. It features large, maple-like leafs with light gray bark. It prefers shady sun and moist climate. The California sycamore seeds mature earlier than the American sycamore and should be collected during the fall season.

Mexican Sycamore Tree

As its name represents, it is native to Mexico and surrounding area. It is same in appearance to American Sycamore except it has large leaves. It grows well in hot and dry climate.

Grow Sycamore Tree from seeds

If you are wondering how to grow sycamore tree from seeds, then you are the right place. Although, little challenging but it is a wonderful journey in itself.

Here is a step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Seed Collection and Treatment

American Sycamore seeds mature usually in late summer or at the beginning of fall. Seeds of sycamore are enclosed in hairy-tufted protective covering known as ‘sycamore balls’. The best time to collect fruiting “balls” is just before they break up and the hairy-tufted seeds start falling. Remove the hairy protective covering and only gather healthy looking seeds from it.

Step 2: Soaking and Cold Stratification

Soak seeds in hot water for 12-24 hours. This will help in loosen the seat coat and increase the chance of germination.

Germination rates of American Sycamore seeds increase from moist stratification. Stratification helps them break from dormancy. Take a plastic bag and place the seeds in a moist mix in it. Store the bag in the refrigerator at 40°F for 2-3 months.

Step 3: Planting

After stratification, plant seeds in well-drained soil in small pot or tray of potting mix. Plant the sycamore seeds 1/4 inches into the soil. Water the soil regularly after planting the seeds. Spring is the best season for planting the seeds, though summer and winter are also feasible.

Step 4: Germination

This is the step which requires certain patience as you are expecting your seeds to germinate quickly but it will take some time. Seeds usually take few weeks’ upto months for germination. Place the pot in sunny area and water it regularly to increase the success of germination.

Step 5: Transplantation

When your seedlings have grown several beautiful leaves and healthy stem, it is time to transplant them into a larger container or directly into the ground, depends on your preference. Choose well drained soil which faces the sun directly.

Step 6: Care and Maintenance

Water your seedlings regularly to help them build a strong roots, especially during hot and dry weather. During early stages, protect them from strong winds as well.

As your tree grows, small pruning is helpful for its healthy growth. Remove dead and damaged branches. Adding small amount of fertilizer during early stages it very helpful for the plant growth.

After following these steps, you can grow sycamore tree from seeds and enjoy the process of majestic tree growth from birth to maturity.

Sycamore Tree Seed Balls

Sycamore trees bear distinctive fruits called “samaras” or “helicopter seeds,” which are actually seed balls. These seed balls are made up of several tiny seeds enclosed in a framework with wings. The wings structure on the mature seeds aids in their effective dispersal by catching the wind and moving them away from the parent tree.

The seed balls of sycamore trees are frequently recognizable and easily identifiable. Generally speaking, they are green while young and turn brown as they get older.

Collecting these seed ball is a fun activity, especially for children. They can also be used for decoration.

Sycamore Tree balls


Can you grow sycamore seeds from seeds?

Yes, you can definitely grow beautiful sycamore tree from seeds. By following the above mention steps, you can grow as many sycamore trees as you want from seeds.

Does sycamore tree produce helicopter seeds?

Yes. Sycamore tree produces seeds in a hairy-tufted shape ball known as ‘samaras’ or ‘helicopter seeds’.

How long does it take to grow a sycamore tree from seed?

Sycamore tree has a long life span of around 350 to 400 years. They are fast growing trees and grow more than 20 inches in a single year.

What is the best way to grow a sycamore tree?

Plant them in shallow trays of potting mix and after they germinate, transplant them into well drained sunny soil.

Do sycamore seeds need light to germinate?

Not necessarily but some light is good for germination.

What do sycamore seeds look like?

Sycamore seeds are enclosed in hairy-tufted covering known as Sycamore balls. Seeds within these balls are symmetrical V-shape with rounded end. They are about 5-10 mm in diameter.

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