Maple Tree Seeds

Maple Tree Seeds


Maple trees or helicopters are vibrant in color. They start their journey from tiny seeds and grow into giant trees of around 150 feet.

In this article, we will learn about the fascinating world of maple seeds by exploring various types, how to grow them successfully, what their appearance looks like, which online shopping platforms sell them, etc.

Come along on this engaging adventure of discovery together, whether you are an avid gardener or simply curious about nature’s secrets.

Types of Helicopter Tree Seeds

Maple trees belong to the genus Acer, with numerous beautiful species and a wide variety of seeds known all over the world. Some of the most popular include:

1. Sugar Maple

The sugar maple, (scientific name: Acer Saccharum) is known for beautiful autumn leaves, produces rare winged seed called samara. These samaras come in pair and are light green colored. The pair forms a pair of wings that allow them to be carried by the wind. It’s a sight to behold when they flutter gracefully in the wind.

2. Red Maple

The red maple or soft maple or swamp maple (scientific name: Acer Rubrum) is one of the most common tree in Central North America. Like sugar maple, their seeds also come in samara form, but in a different color.

Red maple seeds sport a distinctive reddish hue, adding a hint of vibrant charm to the landscape. Red maple samaras are favorite of birds, making them an choice for bird enthusiasts.

3.Silver Maple:

Silver Maple seeds (scientific name: Acer saccharinum) contain a larger wingspan than other maple species. This larger wingspan gave them a different appearance.

These seeds are also known for their beautiful falling from the plant. This may be helped by their long wings that catch the wind effectively.

4.Norway Maple:

Norway maple seeds (scientific name: Acer platanoides) have a unique wing structure that differentiates them from other species. Instead of different species of maple containing two wings, Norway maple only contains one wing-like structure.

The seeds are small and tight, with a smooth texture and a brown coloring.

Norway maple seeds are often dispersed by wind like other species. They can also be spread by animals and birds attracted to these nutritious seeds.

5. Japanese Maple Seed

Japanese maple tree or smooth maple (scientific name: Acer palmatum) differ from sugar maple and red maple in term of seeds. They have a winged casing containing small, rounded seeds in it.

They grow up in green and later mature into vibrant red color. Because of these winged cases, Japanese maple seeds are also called “helicopters”. When they fell to the ground, because of their gentle spin they create a mesmerizing show of aerial flight.

Growing Maple Seeds

Starting to grow your maple tree from seeds may seem rough initially. However, with proper knowledge and care, it can become a unique and fulfilling experience. Here is our step-by-step guide on how to plant seeds and raise maple trees.

1. Collecting Seeds

First step to begin your maple tree journey is that you need to collect the seeds. Till late summer or early autumn, seeds mature and can be easily be detached from the tree. To take your first step right, look for healthy and intact seeds. But please make sure to avoid damaged and diseased seeds.

2. Treatment of Seed

Stratification, a process of providing artificial environment which encourages germination. Seeds may benefit from this process. Plant the seeds in slightly moist peat moss and refrigerate them to meet the winter atmosphere.

3. Preparing the Planting Site

Choosing a suitable location for your seeds is a very important step. For most maple species well drained soil and partial shade is preferable but some species can also tolerate full sun. Also make sure planting site has no weeds or extra graces and is nutrient-rich soil.

4. Planting the Seeds

After doing first three step right, comes the step of planting the seed. To plant the seed dig a small hole, around twice the diameter of seed. Place the seed in the hole and cover it with soil. Moisten the soil by lightly watering but make sure not the waterlogged the soil.

5. Care and Maintenance

Growing maple tree from the seed is like growing a child. Consistent care is very crucial for the successful growth. Make sure the soil is moist for seed by regularly watering. Provide protection to the seed from harsh temperatures and adequate shelter for proper growth. Once seed sprouts, provide ample space for healthy development.

How Maple Tree Seeds Look Like

Maple tree seeds show an awesome range of colors, shapes, and sizes. Here are some important characteristics:

• Samaras: As mentioned earlier, samaras are winged seeds commonly found in North American maple species. They have a unique, elongated shape with two wings that aid in their dispersal by wind. Samaras are usually green to reddish hues, adding beauty and charm to their appearance.

• Helicopter Seeds: Japanese maple seeds, also known as helicopter seeds, are small, rounded, and covered with a wing reminiscent of helicopter blades. When they fell from the tree, their winged casings caused them to spin like a helicopter catching people hearts.

Regardless of their different forms, all maple tree seeds share a sense of natural elegance that captures the imagination.

Where to Purchase Maple Tree Seeds Online

If you have problem to find seeds locally, fear not. Few online Websites offer a broad choice of maple tree seeds.

• A very famous website. It specializes in selling a variety of tree seeds, including maple.

• Amazon: The well-known online marketplace offers an vast range of maple tree seeds from multiple sellers. Read reviews and check the seller Profile before making a purchase.

• Etsy: Etsy also known for buy or sell thing online. It have features maple tree seeds dealt by specialized sellers. It’s an excellent platform to find rare or unusual varieties.

Remember to choose reputable sellers, verify customer feedback, and ensure the seeds you select align with your specific maple tree-growing aspirations.

You can also look for local gardens and nurseries for maple tree seeds.


Maple tree seeds are nature’s intriguing starters for the majestic trees we admire. From the splendid samaras of sugar and red maples to the spinning helicopter-like seeds of Japanese maples, they all are awesome wonders of nature. Growing maple tree from seed requires a lot of patience, care, and a touch of knowledge, but the rewards come with them are immeasurable. By some understanding the type of maple tree seeds, the way to grow them from scratch, and where to purchase them online, you can start your journey in the beauty and wonders of nature and world of trees.

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