Red Basil

Red Basil

Red Rubin Basil is an 18-20 inch tall basil plant with reddish-purple leaves, pink flowers, and an eye-catching red stem. The taste is similar to classic basil, combine this beauty into salads, arrangements, or recipes as desired!

How to Grow Red Rubin Basil Plants

Red basil plants are pretty and exciting in gardens. You can plant them in containers or a flower bed with other annuals. The plant is decorative; you can use the leaves to cook or make flavored vinegars. The flavor is stronger than different types of basil, so use it in small amounts.

You can quickly grow Red Rubin basil from seeds after the last frost in spring or start seeds indoors six to eight weeks earlier. Another option is to grow the plant’s seedheads will turn brown when they dry out.

If needed, dry the seedheads in direct sunlight on a table, away from rain and moisture. After they are dry, shake the seedheads over an empty bucket to let the mature seeds fall out. Use strainers to separate the seeds from the chaff. Remove the lighter chaff by blowing on it or letting the wind carry it away.

Planting Directions

Use sterile seed mix at 75-85 degrees. Lightly cover the seeds. Plant your garden when temperatures remain between 75 and 85 degrees in fertile soils that are moderately fertile plant 6 feet apart.

Basil needs warmth to grow well. Plant it in a sunny, warm spot with full sun. Water it regularly to keep the soil moist as basil has shallow roots. In warm climates, you can plant basil directly in the garden if the soil is warm enough. When the plant is 4-6 tall, trim the growing tips to encourage more growth. Harvest when the leaves are big enough, and before cold weather starts.


Plant seeds on top of moist soil, do not cover. Keep soil evenly moist and in direct sunlight until seeds start to sprout. Start indoors and then move to full sunlight about 10-12 inches apart.

Red Basil Care and Harvest

Water Red Basil plants weekly, especially in dry weather. Soak the base of the plant with water to keep leaves dry and prevent fungal diseases. Add a 1/4 inch (2.5 millimeters) layer of mulch around the plants to retain moisture and cool the soil.

Fertilize Red Rubin Basil plants three to four times during active growth. Pinch the stem when seedlings reach 6 inches (15 centimeters) tall to promote bushy growth. Regularly remove flower spikes and harvest the basil once it has at least eight leaves, keeping the bottom leaves. Dry the plant by hanging it upside-down in a dry area or freeze the tender stems after chopping them.

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