Asturian Tree Cabbage Seeds

Asturian Tree Cabbage Seeds

An Introduction to Asturian Tree Cabbage Seeds

Asturian Tree Cabbage seeds have been gaining popularity among gardeners and food lovers in United States recently, providing tasty new features while adding variety to your kitchen or garden. They offer something unique and deliciousness in both culinary and gardening activities alike.

Asturian Tree Cabbage Seeds offer a fascinating prospect for anyone looking to increase their range of crops.

What Are Asturian Tree Cabbage?

Asturian Tree Cabbage (a.k.a. “Cabbage of the Trees” or “Col de Llana”) is a perennial variety of cabbage that is native in Asturias located in Spain and is often known by these names.

While the traditional varieties of cabbage have heads that are tightly tucked to ground level, the Asturian Tree Cabbage can be seen standing tall on a single stalk that resembles an miniature tree, with soft mild leaves that taste sweet. It is perfect to be used in many recipes!

How to Grow Asturian Cabbage

The cultivation of Asturian tree cabbage using seeds is relatively easy and is a great opportunity, especially for gardeners who are just beginning their journey. Here’s an easy outline for you to get started:

Seeds to Plant: Sow the seeds in a well-drained soil during early spring or the end of fall. It is important to warrant that the area gets plenty of sunlight and regular watering. Asturian Tree Cabbage is a fan of moderate water in the surrounding area.

Maintenance: Provide support to your plant as it grows larger. Get rid of weeds frequently so that it does not take nutrients from soil. Harvesting:

Tip: You can start harvesting leaves from the outside once they have reached the ideal size. You can leave the inner leaves to grow for harvests in the future.

Benefits of Asturian Tree Cabbage

Asturian Tree Cabbage provides several benefits, such as:

Continuous Harvest: After it is established, Asturian tree cabbage can yield harvests year after year without the need to be planted each year.

Nutritional Value: Just like its cabbage cousins, Asturian Tree Cabbage has plenty of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that can be an essential supplement to your diet.

Culinary Variety: Asturian Tree Cabbages give amazing culinary versatility. They can be used in stews, salads, stir-fries soups to provide extra texture and distinctive flavors.

Where Can I Purchase Asturian Tree Cabbage Seeds

Asturian Tree Cabbage seeds can be purchased from online seed sellers such as Amazon.

Nurseries that focus on rare or heirloom varieties of plants also sell these seeds. You can also find these seeds in Local garden stores and in regions with an active gardener community.


Asturian Tree Cabbage Seeds offer gardeners living in their native United States an exciting opportunity to grow their gardens with something that is unique from Spain: Asturian Tree Cabbage. The plant is known for its easy cultivating, its nutritional advantages and its culinary versatility. Asturian Tree Cabbage should be on your list of ideas for new ventures for your garden as well as cooking adventures! Try it out and add a touch of Asturian appeal to your green areas!

Most Frequently Answered Questions (FAQs) concerning Asturian tree Cabbage Seeds

Is Asturian tree Cabbage easy to cultivate?

Generally speaking, Asturian Tree Cabbage needs the same amount of care like other types of cabbage in terms of cultivation.

Can Asturian Tree Cabbage withstand the winter?

Yes, Asturian Tree Cabbage is frost-resistant, and appropriate for cultivation in most regions of the US all year long.

How Does Asturian Tree Cabbage Taste?

Asturian Tree Cabbage has a mild, sweet flavor that is similar to regular cabbage, however it has a the soft texture. You can also use it in salad.

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